11 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

III, the actual appearance of the provincial territory. Zaman won. area of ​​the province suffered severe bending and breakage, worn out by staying out of the sea along the upper-Eocene and Oligocene, and a yarıova (peneplain) has become. Upper-Miocene in Eastern Anatolia in general rose, rose, and the Southeastern Taurus Mountains in the provincial area in the block has occurred. These upward movements in the area of ​​Southwestern area of ​​the province has emerged stronger subsidence areas. Inflexible and stiff parts of the Southeastern Taurus Mountains and the resulting subsidence troughs, akarsularca grinding the western, southwestern and southern valleys extending converted. The valleys are formed on the one hand, while a rapidly expanding area of ​​collapse, especially on valley floors IV. It is moving along the various levels of the substances has emerged.
Armistice Armistice taking advantage of this downturn, continued movement of the Russian occupation of eastern and southeastern Turkey has been an influence. Siirt notables and elders about this subject, says: "the Russian invasion, came to Bitlis, Siirt, by the people learned that Mevkiisi'ne Deliklitaş, born of panic among the people, the thought of escape from a group of people gathering their belongings, make up the majority of Siirt Legal Defence Association, with the help of the people, people with Kemalist Düşünce'ye volunteer soldiers gathered, the Russians tried to resist.

 This is a voluntary non-majors in the rank of the soldiers who had served in some. Among these, including the sheikh Serafettin Aydin and Ibrahim-i Mekevi'nin civilian army, achieved great success, Russians return jets, Siirt prevented to enter. Deliklitaş'tan Russians retreat, held on October 17 Lenin's Revolution started in this country.

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